Artificial Intelligence: Why We Shouldn’t Fear This New Marketing Frontier

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the development of computer systems and machine learning to perform tasks that usually require human capabilities. AI gathers an incredible amount of data and can identify patterns and themes to develop insights and solutions.

In addition to being able to recognize marketing concepts and solutions, AI can also interpret emotion and communication, just like a human would. It can predict common occurrences, trends, reactions and responses. Ultimately, it understands causations and how likely these events are to repeat.

Don’t freak out just yet.

You don’t have to see AI as an opponent. Instead, see it as a business advantage. You are on the same team! With AI, more can be accomplished in far less time. AI essentially eliminates the tireless busywork of compiling data and conducting human analyses, allowing you to boost return on investment and your brand’s performance without exhausting your efforts.

Here are just some of the competencies of this efficient, results-driven technology:

·      More effective online ads. AI has intelligent algorithms for advertising that collect information about the type of ads people respond to. Using keyword searches, social profiles, and other online data, AI is able to produce better outcomes with online advertising. Rather than bombarding internet users with a million potentially irrelevant ads, AI can personalize their experience, making advertisements more effective.

·      Refined targeting. Audience analytics are so specialized with AI that they can capture insights beyond demographic information. Through analyzing internet users’ search patterns, AI identifies the key areas of interest. It processes behaviors and trends on an individual basis for more concentrated targeting. If you have been searching for vacation getaways for the past couple weeks, for example, AI can help direct you to your ideal location, as well as promote flights, hotels, and things to do in the area. AI’s refined targeting helps you find what you were looking for more efficiently.

·      Improved customer service experience. AI bots play a huge role in problem-solving and customer retention and engagement by providing consumers with immediate answers and information at any point in time during their interaction on a website. This allows employees to redirect focus and better assist potential new customers by already understanding what they are seeking.  

Accepting that artificial intelligence is here to help is the first step to enhancing your business practices. With these processes of continuous machine learning, marketing efforts can reach greater heights than ever before. AI solutions will optimize your outreach, improve conversions, be capable of rational decision-making, and effectively minimize waste. Save your time and efforts for what’s necessary, and leave the rest to powerful technology.

We also want to emphasize that this powerful tool can be used without compromising our moral principles.

Google Assistant is an example of a virtual helper powered by AI. This technology can be used across a user’s devices and can even engage in two-way conversations. Google Assistant helps you schedule tasks and to-dos, calls and texts your contacts, answers your questions, and performs over one million other actions. This is a great example of how AI makes life easier and improves productivity.

AI is even being used to better the world. Thorn is a prime example of artificial intelligence practicing good ethics and making a real difference. Founded by Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Thorn uses AI to rescue children from sex trafficking and stop the spread of child sexual abuse material. By the end of 2017, Thorn had identified 5,894 child sex trafficking victims, rescued 103 children from sexually abusive situations, and disrupted 6,608 bad actors. None of these impacts would be possible without the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

The novelty and change brought about by big tech innovations can certainly be intimidating, but learning what artificial intelligence has to offer and how to use it responsibly can be valuable to businesses as well as human beings. AI has unlimited potential to help us with our daily efforts and achieve more than we’ve ever thought possible.    


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